Brother Utilities Drivers Software Download – Brother is one of the leading vendors of printer and copier. This brand has been around for a while, providing convenience in handling your documents not only at the office but also at home. To make your Brother machine works correctly, you will need Brother Utilities.

The utilities or also known as the program is commonly installed to your desktop. Each device model comes with a specific driver, so you need to make sure to install the right utility for the right model. Without the correct driver, it is quite impossible to make the machine work properly unless you get All in One driver.

Brother Utility Software

Brother Utility Software

What Is Brother Utilities?

Brother Utilities generally refers to a program that supports your Brother machine. The program allows you to experience the most functionality out of the machine. While the driver helps connect Brother device to your desktop or PC, the utility program brings ease to control and set up the machine.

To get this clear, the driver is software which interfaces the machine, computer, and peripheral device. It lets the device do any command you make from the computer. In other words, the driver facilitates you to communicate with the machine from your computer. Meanwhile, the utility is a program commonly comes along with the driver.

While most utilities come in the package with your Brother machine, sometimes you need to download the driver on your own. In this case, access the official website to get valid software that will make your machine work properly.

Brother driver comes with specific requirements related to the computer’s operating system. The requirement might be different according to the type or model. When using the machine for a certain OS, you have to use the compatible Brother Utilities for the operating system.

How to Download Brother Utilities

The utilities are typically available on a disc that comes with Brother machine. In case you need to download the driver, you need to know how to download the right way. Follow the steps to get the latest Brother driver from their official website.

Brother Utility

Brother Utility

  1. Access the Brother Product Support Center.
  2. Select machine and enter your location/country.
  3. Find your product including type, model, and series.
  4. Whenever you find the product, click Downloads on Full Driver & Software Package.
  5. Under Downloads dialog, choose your OS. Click Search. In case you cannot identify your operating system, the site will help you. Just click the question mark on the left corner.
  6. Choose the suitable machine driver and click Agree to EULA and Download.
  7. Your computer will download the .exe file.
  8. Your driver is successfully downloaded.

Brother official website provides the driver for any model and any series. This is the most recommended site to download Brother Utilities. You might also find third-party websites offering the link to download the driver. However, not many of them are valid.

How to Install Brother Utilities

After downloading the driver from Brother official website, the next step to get the most functionality out of your Brother machine is by installing the utilities. Installing Brother Utilities is as simple as downloading. Follow the steps below before using your device:

  1. Find the downloaded .exe file in download folder of your computer.
  2. Double click and follow the instructions on your screen to install. Typically you only need to click Yes or Agree on the dialog boxes.
  3. Your machine will be installed right away.

Recent Brother device allows you to connect with Wireless Network Connection. This configuration lets you connect the machine to several PCs so that you can operate the device from various compatible devices. To enjoy this experience you need to learn how to set up the Brother machine on the wireless connection.

How to Uninstall Brother Utilities

Most drivers will not stay forever on your computer. Someday, maybe you have to uninstall Brother Utilities for some reasons. When this time comes, you need to know how to uninstall the driver appropriately.

When it comes to uninstalling utilities, there are two ways to choose; uninstall from Brother driver or use Uninstall Tool. Either way, you choose, make sure you follow the steps below.

Uninstall from Brother Driver for Windows

  1. Open Brother Utilities on your PC
  2. Select model name from the list.
  3. Click Tools then click Uninstall. In case you have a machine with the USB cable, make sure your machine is turned on and connected to the computer.
  4. Follow on-screen instructions to continue to uninstall the driver and software.

Uninstall from Uninstall Tool

This is a useful tool to uninstall Brother driver that has been installed using Full Driver & Software package or CD. There is various uninstall tool to choose. Therefore you need to follow the instructions available on download page.

How to Use Brother Utilities

Having Brother Utilities brings versatility and ease to operate your Brother machine. This program comes with various options and menus, such as Tools, Purchase Supplies, Support, Do More, and many others. Through this program, using your Brother device will be a lot easier.

How to use the utility program is simple. After downloading and installing the program, double click to open. You will see your device model on the top of the list. From the pull-down list, you will find other menus that come with various sub-menus to operate the device.

The interface of Brother Utilities is varied, depending on the operating system you are using. Simply follow on-screen instructions to use the program. You can also uninstall the driver; using a utility program is quite easy rather than using the Uninstall Tool.

In a nutshell, operating your Brother machine is impossible if you do not have the driver. The driver contains software that helps communicate with the machine from the computer. Each type and model comes with the distinct driver, so you need to download the right driver software and utility for the right model.

To get the driver software and utility, you may download from the official website of Brother. Determine your location and machine model then find the driver. After downloading, install and enjoy using your Brother machine. In case you have to uninstall Brother driver for reasons, Brother Utility will help you. However, you can also take advantage of Uninstall Tool to do the job.

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